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Software Development Team

Tailor Made. Effective. Brave.

Hastega is the ideal technology partner for large companies. We help our customers develop custom software through an innovative delivery method: Team As A Service (TAAS).

Thanks to decades of multi-sector experience, we fearlessly face every challenge thanks to consolidated methodologies and a cutting-edge technology stack.


Team As A Service

Hastega supports companies through Software Development obstacles

With Hastega’s TaaS (Team as a Service) it is possible to configure a customized team based on customer needs and pay only for the actual time of use, without the risk of exceeding the budget established for the project. Cost management is always flexible and cost effective.

Whatever the question in the software field we can respond effectively, respecting deadlines and budgets.

Our services
Icona: rimani nei tempi dello sviluppo software

Respect the times

We help you meet deadlines.

Icona: resta nel budget durante lo sviluppo software

Stay within budget

Timely reporting of projects.

Icona: professionisti nello sviluppo software

IT specialists

Our developers work from Italy.

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Add or remove resources from the team.


Just one Partner for the entire software development department

Icona: sviluppo software

Software Development

Frontend & Backend: most popular languages and frameworks.

Icona: sviluppo App

App Development

We create Native or Hybrid Apps.

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The management of the most complex infrastructures.

Icona: Consulenza informatica

IT Consulting

Experts in feasibility studies.

Icona: service design

Service Design

We design user centered services.

Icona: Machine Learning e Intelligenza artificiale

Machine Learning

We help you understand your business data.

Icona: Realtà virtuale

Extended Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality.

Icona: consulenza startup

From Idea to Startup

Support for the start-up of innovative businesses.


The best technologies and the AGILE method


Inspection, Transparency and Adaptation: the Pillars of SCRUM

The best AGILE framework to guarantee effectiveness, flexibility and transparency in project development.

How we apply Scrum
I linguaggi che usiamo per sviluppo software custom


A Toolkit in continuous updating

We choose the best technologies to ensure quality, reliability and competitiveness in the software development market.



CI/CD: all the advantages of continuous distribution

Continuous Delivery and Integration improve speed, quality and flexibility in software delivery, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

Why CI/CD?


Winning every digital technological challenge that arises from a market need.


The personal realization of the worker, his professional, economic and social growth to the maximum of his potential and according to his aspirations.


Some of our customers

Hastega works with: Municipia
Hastega works with: Time
Hastega works with: Janea
Hastega works with: Flowpay
Hastega works with: Akern
Hastega works with: Clubbing
Hastega works with: DeCoSystem
Hastega works with: Timenet
Hastega works with: Nextworks
Hastega works with: Gruppo Meta
Hastega works with: Energee3
Hastega works with: Avvale
Hastega works with: PipeIn


We accept any challenge.

Hastega is a software development project accelerator. Our teams are at your disposal. Contact us for a free quote.

Where we are

Demcode SRL SB
Polo Tecnologico Lucchese
Via della Chiesa XXXII Trav. 1 n. 231
55100 – Lucca