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The future of Hastega is only achievable through the contribution of everyone, at every level. The company organizational structure must be an expression of will, responsibility, experience, competence, adherence to the principles of the members of the group.

Our vision

Conveying a new concept of leadership in Italian digital engineering based on the work of the best talents and the objective value of skills, in a process of constant pursuit of excellence.

Our mission

The achievement of the objectives takes place through the personal realization of the worker, his professional, economic and social growth according to their potential and aspirations.

The Hastega values


Hastega bases mutual respect between individualities, without differences between positions and roles.


Hastega focuses on transparency, fairness and competence.


Hastega promotes the professional and cultural growth of its specific sector.


Hastega enhances the livability and harmony of the workplace.


Hastega wants to make each of its members achieve personal goals through the motivation.


Hastega uses salary not as a means of contractual compensation but to make one redistribution of the created value.


Hastega has as its objective is the quality of work and customer satisfaction.


n. f. [from lat. humilĭtas -atis]. – Feeling and consequent behavior based on awareness of one’s own limits and detachment from any form of excessive pride and self-confidence.

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