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Agile Methodology

Hastega lives one sprint at a time. More flexibility, more control and more resilience to change.

Agile and Scrum: what does it mean?

Agile is a methodology of work applied within the framework of Lean Manifacturing around the 1950s. We talk about Agile Methodology in the field of software development for the first time in 2001, with the drafting of the Agile Manifesto.

Individuals and interactions more than processes and tools.
Working software more than exhaustive documentation.
Collaboration with the client more than contract negotiation.
Responding to change rather than following a plan.

Scrum is an agile framework, that is a particular declination of the method focused on finding flexible solutions to complex problems. Within Scrum every member of the team has a precise role (e.g. Product Owner, Scrum Master…) and must follow a series of well-defined practices to achieve the Sprint Goal.





Analysis & Design

At the beginning of the project the functional requirements are collected and are described through the User Stories, which became part of the Product Backlog. During one of the Scrum ceremonies, the Sprint Planning, the team decides which User Stories are necessary for the realization of the increase in value (Increment) and these are moved to the Sprint Backlog.



During Sprint Planning, the Sprint Goal is determined which is the goal to be achieved by the end of the Sprint. User Stories are broken down into smaller Tasks and the team proceeds with software development. Every day a short alignment (Daily Scrum) is carried out to understand any difficulties encountered and make sure that the work proceeds smoothly.


Review & Release

At the end of the Sprint is carried out the so-called Sprint Review, in which the final customer is also involved. The progress made in the previous weeks is shown and feedback is collected. In this context, the Increment takes shape, which represents the sum of all the features and fixes on which the team worked during the Sprint. Finally we proceed with a new Sprint Planning and the procedure starts from the beginning.

The method is not everything

Agile and Scrum define practices, then we implement them thanks to the use of the most sophisticated tools and the best technologies.