Hastega is a team of young professionals in the IT sector. Our goal is to design and develop products based on cloud computing with cutting-edge technology.

Power of youth

We are guys who want to give the best and to show the world our passion and our expertise.

Best technologies

We are always keeping up with new technologies and devote our free time to studying the innovations that are being introduced in the industry.


We use the best tools to monitor our work and offer our customers a continuous update on progress.

The future

We design our customer's product always thinking ahead to ensure sustainability and updating according to possible needs.



Fabrizio Ridolfi
Founder & CEO
Giacomo Agostini
Founder & R&D
Daniele Conventi
Founder & CTO
Alessio Pracchia
Founder & COO
David RainĂ²
Software engineer & PM
Marco Patti
Software Engineer
Andrea Anzilotti
Software Engineer
Alex Butera
Cristian Stefan
Gioele Bonifetto